Your breakthrough idea

We help you package your expertise into products.

Your breakthrough idea

We help you package your expertise into products.

by Taran Saini
OM Data’s Startup Consulting recognises the pressure that Startups are faced with by investors – to attain rapid success and achieve milestones tied to KPIs such as users, customers, revenue, bookings and other measures of profitability. Targeting rapid growth comes with numerous pitfalls to navigate including pressure on infrastructure, people and resources.

Helping you Disrupt

OM Data provides a range of services for Startups from strategy to execution, we provide advice on business models, combining technology, expertise, and competence to provide success to your startup. From business plans, co-creating new partnerships, product management consulting to designing the right KPIs. We employ methods such as Business Model Generation, Lean Startup, Blue Ocean Strategy and Design Thinking.

How we Consult

Utilising the lean startup concept to radically rethink traditional assumptions of startup management and strategy. We overlay this with business model generation and blue ocean strategy to assess indicators including value proposition, key activities, partners, resources, customer relationships, costs, revenue and more. Our methodology also includes validated learning, minimum viable product (MVP) and actionable metrics over vanity metrics.

Startup Consulting Services
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Blueprint for Success

Inspiring you to build data-driven business products to close the physical-to-digital divide and help clients make better and faster decisions.

  • Define, research, ideation, prototype, implement
  • Product market fit, competitor analysis
  • Product development
  • Pitch development

We work with clients to imagine, build and deploy solutions—swiftly and with less risk. Our methodology helps startups produce tangible and scalable results.

We help you uncover the ideal solution through a human-centered process, identifying pain points and the value associated.

Bringing concepts to life through prototype definition, rapid prototyping, and solution engineering with scale in mind.

Best-in-class solutions through a combination of design thinking and piloting. The outcomes are market-ready solutions and scaled development.