Customer experience consulting

Turning customer insight into business value.

Customer experience consulting

Turning customer insight into business value.

by Taran Saini
86% of buyers are willing to pay more for great customer experience. However, often we find a misalignment between what customers care about most and internal priorities for customer transformation. Om Data’s customer experience consulting helps our clients close the gap between customer expectations and what they experience, designing great customer experiences to maximise customer value and operational efficiency.

Customer Experience Transformation

We start with customer analysis, mapping the end-to-end customer journey across all channels to identify the steps and touch points. Taking a scientific approach; we don’t just look at the rational experience but also what drives human behaviour, we examine the transactional and interactive data to understand how customers are feeling and thinking. Resulting in a thorough gap analysis which highlights specific and key customer pain points.

Customer Analysis

Our client experience consulting covers strategy through to execution, undertaking changes to better understand, target and grow your customers. Customer strategy – customer types, products, measurement criteria, and channels. Marketing and sales – converting demand into sales. Pricing optimisation, channel strategy, technology innovation including customer insights platform, digital and customer technology such as CRM and CMS optimisation.

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Utilising customer experience benchmarking and technology, we gather better data for effective analysis to develop new customer products and services, improve operations and better engage your customers. Key benefits:

  • Improve pipeline value
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Boost customer lifetime value and loyalty
  • More effective sales, marketing and service operations
  • Higher ROI on technology solutions

Firstly, we understand your current customer experience to garner the transformation required to win or drive customer loyalty and growth.

Using the insights from our customer experience consulting process, we help you design an improved customer experience.

Our consultants develop a roadmap with scheduled delivery to implement and embed the new customer experience across your operations and channels.

We systematically measure and manage the new customer experience – proving the customer experience optimisation business case linked to revenue or commercial value.