Overcome operational misalignment

Supporting you to be more innovative and agile.

Overcome operational misalignment

Supporting you to be more innovative and agile.

by Taran Saini
Poorly defined business operations add complexity and confusion leading to cost and service inefficiency. OM Data’s Business Strategy Consulting aligns business and operational strategy, simplifying complex processes to innovate or redesign your business model.

Data-Driven Business Strategy Consulting

OM Data can help you assess potential earnings improvement, define functional cost-saving strategies and develop an execution plan tailored to your organisation. Turning visionary into game-changing business models systematically. Our team is data-driven, with a focus on your business and your customers. First, we learn about your business goals and challenges, and then do a deep dive into your data and processes to create your strategy.

How We Consult

Our operations strategy and execution consultants identify your ambition, then prioritise change to design a successful operating model. We examine your core business and operations across business functions and silos, blending sales, information technology, shared services, and other elements holistically to maximise operational efficiency, prepare for growth or embrace the digital agenda.

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Change Management

We help you envision future levels of performance and alignment required to successfully implement the right operational strategy and change.

  • Develop a precise operations strategy and roadmap
  • Apply a maturity model tool to assess current and future state target, and measure the impact
  • Execution roadmap including prioritisation, change plan and governance structure

Using our target operating methodology we assess your operations: process, customer experience, sourcing, metrics, technology, and assets, as well as culture.

Undertaking top-down analysis to devise recommendations based on strategy and integrated objectives, rather than a narrow, short-term focused rationale.

Strategic maturity assessment with hypotheses to identify winners – prioritised improvement opportunities, and business cases for achieving the target state.

With our extensive consulting knowledge and implementation experience, we can help you effectively execute your business strategy.