Analytics consulting

Empowering you for data-driven decision making.

Analytics consulting

Empowering you for data-driven decision making.

by Taran Saini
Business challenges are a constant, from the competition, regulations to economic pressures and globalisation. Data is everywhere, from social media, scattered spreadsheets to big databases – by 2025, IDC says worldwide data will grow 61% to 175 zettabytes. Data growth and digitisation are making things complex for businesses. OM Data Analytics Consulting is designed to empower you, make well-informed decisions, rapidly, across your organisation.

Data Analytics Consulting

OM Data’s strategy, BI, analytics and data science consulting expertise helps to decipher your data to unleash the power of analytics. We help you make analytics central to all decisions to improve operations, refine strategy or boost growth and revenue. Our goal is to enable you to make better tactical and strategic decisions – we call it ‘data-driven decision making’. We’re a data-driven company and can provide hands-on technical skills or offer advisory services.

Develop Advanced Analytics Strategies

To derive powerful insights and turn your data assets into a true competitive advantage, first, we identify the gap between the problem and how to address it with data. This involves defining the data strategy at the enterprise, process or even application level, determining the applicable policies and governance through to executing a data management approach. Our execution process leverages state-of-the-art techniques, tools, and technology and can include application migration using ETL capabilities as well as data cleanse and consolidation.

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Data and Analytics Consulting

We help you develop models to unlock business value by identifying cause and effect relationships that inform and improve actions, planning, operations and strategy development:

  • Defining a data and analytics strategy
  • Data architecture assessment, migration and cleansing
  • Data warehousing strategy and delivery
  • KPI, data visualization and analytics creation and analysis
  • Analytics integration and report creation

Going beyond basic KPIs across operational and business units, we help you design a dashboard to pinpoint a combination of processes to drive data-driven decision making.

We help create models that represent the future and the impact of key decisions including external factors, competitor activity, regulation changes, economic and technological changes.

Working closely with our clients to maximise the full potential of their analytics. From testing the results of customer-facing digital initiatives to executing your Big Data and analytics strategy.

Analytics business strategy. BI vendor specification, selection, and procurement. BI implementation and reporting. Dashboard, reporting design, development, and testing. Visualization and analytics, Predictive analytics implementation.